Bikes On Roof
The line-of-sight roof rack reminder
that saves your gear!
Don’t let it happen to you...
Roof Rack Ruin!

If you carry a bike, board or boat on top of your car, you know it’s real.

It’s when the precious gear on your roof meets its fate in...

  • Your garage
  • A parking garage
  • A drive-through
  • The car wash
  • A low underpass
  • Any low-hanging hazard!
Bikes On Roof! Gear On Roof!

You’ve heard the stories...   Maybe (we hope not!) you’ve heard the heart-stopping CRUNCH of your bike losing a battle with the garage door.

"I was coming home from a ride with a friend, and we were talking as I started to pull in. I heard this loud CRACK, and hit the brakes. His frame was bent, and my roof rack was history. Since I’ve used Bikes On Roof, I’ve had some close calls... but I always see the tag first."
–D.L., Encinitas

Hey, we’re only human!

We all deal with distractions while driving. The problem? Most reminders don’t work!

A Post-it®, a sign suctioned to the windshield, a sticker on the dashboard, a sign hanging from your garage door... falls off, blends with the scenery, leaves glue on your dashboard, or is useless away from home.

Why leave it to chance?

This roof rack reminder works - because it’s habit to check the rearview mirror.

Can you put a price on peace of mind? —Clearly, a wise investment in your gear.

And you’ll really be happy when you save lots of cash.

*Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that you will not drive into a low-hanging hazard or cause damage to your vehicle or gear. We also make no claims about prevention of injury to the self or others through driving or use of said gear. This roof rack reminder is designed as a visual aid to remind you of the equipment on your roof rack.